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Happy birthday me

2008-03-17 14:58:43 by OverTheBelow



2008-03-04 16:16:46 by OverTheBelow

13 days to birthday. In the meantime, go to my forum:

Ugh, busy busy busy.

2008-01-25 14:46:57 by OverTheBelow

Kay, first, exams all round. Boringness.

Second, new board which I am *attempting* to open before next Saturday; link below:
(If you don't usually visit boards then you won't have much idea on what it's about)

Third, too lazy to make some flash for now. Don't expect any flash movies for a while.

Comments are always awesome.

Merry Christmas

2007-12-25 11:00:13 by OverTheBelow

Happy Christmas/Hanukkah.


2007-12-08 17:06:39 by OverTheBelow


THAR R LIEK 1337 FLASHZSH111!13!"!"

Indeed. Woo, level 7 and Town Watch. How do you upgrade your whistle?

I'm dark and EBULZ

2007-11-13 05:29:20 by OverTheBelow

Yeah. And I've also redesigned my userpage. :OOO

Hope you guys like the new layout, comment plx kthx.


2007-11-10 08:50:02 by OverTheBelow

Made a temporary crap banner for this page. I designed it for the wrong part of the friggin website. I thought it was the image in the blank space in the user control panel area. x.x Silly me.

This is where I thought I was drawing:


Err, what's this then?

2007-11-03 10:47:41 by OverTheBelow

Yay revamp of Newgrounds. Wow I haven't been here in ages. Please comment on my posts. :P

Happy Halloween all. :)