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2007-11-10 08:50:02 by OverTheBelow

Made a temporary crap banner for this page. I designed it for the wrong part of the friggin website. I thought it was the image in the blank space in the user control panel area. x.x Silly me.

This is where I thought I was drawing:



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2007-11-10 08:52:22

Aren't we acting absent-minded today?

OverTheBelow responds:

Indeed. ;.;


2007-11-10 09:55:22

I think it looks pretty DANG COOL.

You know, that would be a nice suggestion for the site. That ad space is always blank for me too. Being able to see your User Page pic while checking your account would be a great idea.

OverTheBelow responds:

Thanks. :)

Arghhh, you're banner is so much better than mine.. and it's so simple.. o.O